Adopt a Canal: next session 4th Nov

We had a great introductory session to the Adopt a Canal scheme on Saturday 14th Oct and are delighted to confirm that the JQNF is adopting the Farmers Bridge flight of locks, most of which run through the JQ. Thanks to Nick Cleaver, from the Canal & River Trust, who explained the programme in more detail and joined us on a tour of the canal, helping us to develop our ideas for the forthcoming year. We will meet once a month. The plan for the whole year is still in development, but in the first few months we will focus on re-painting lock beams and weeding in specific areas, to help make an immediate visual impact. The next session will be on Saturday 4th November. The Canal & River Trust will supply the necessary equipment (paint, brushes, gardening gloves, weeding tools, etc). For the first session we will only have enough kit for 10 people. We currently have two places available. If you’d like to join us on 4th Nov, please email Thomas at twildish [at] gmail [dot] com. Also, please indicate if you’re interested in doing painting or weeding (or if you’re up for either). If you’d like to get involved, you don’t need to make a long term commitment. You’re welcome to turn up for just one session. (NB: if you are interested in weeding and have your own equipment and gardening gloves, you can attend come what may on 4th Nov. However, painting requires specific types of paint / brushes which are provided by the Canal & River Trust) Dates for the forthcoming year will be as follows (these may change slightly as the year progresses, but we will be meeting each month):  Sat 4th Nov | Sun 3rd Dec | Sat 6th Jan 2018 | Sun 11th Feb | Sat 10th Mar | Sun 8th Apr | Sat 5th May | Sun 3rd Jun | Sat 7th Jul | Sun 5th Aug | Sat 1 Sept | Sun 7 Oct. Sessions on Saturdays will be 1 – 5pm and those on Sunday will be 11am – 3pm. Over the year, activities we will be doing will fall into three main categories: – Maintenance: e.g, painting locks & metal work / managing vegetation / removing graffiti – Canal improvements: e.g. installing planters (on the towpath) / planting other vegetation / commissioning public art for the canal (although this would be in the long term and not in the first year) – Community events: e.g. doing events as part of Heritage Week We will keep you updated on our progress over the year, and we hope you’ll be able to join us!

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