Show us your assets!

What would you save in the Jewellery Quarter for the community? The Post Office? The Lord Clifden? The cemeteries?

Could you imagine the JQ without this?
Could you imagine the JQ without this?

Under new Localism laws the local community can apply to designate a building or piece of land as an ‘Asset of Community Value’. This is where you come in – to help us register them with the council. We hear about this in rural communities where they take over the running of the local Post Office, village hall or pub but it applies to cities too

Once an asset is on the register, it stays on it for 5 years and it cannot be put up for sale or change of use without community groups being given six weeks to bid to buy it. If a community bid is made, the group has six months to prepare the bid, before an alternative sale can be agreed.

So we need to register our assets. You can make your suggestions (with justification!) as a comment to this blog post, via Twitter @JQNF or completing the contact form on this website and we will collate them and submit to Birmingham City Council.



Here’s something to get the juices flowing:

1. THE BT TOWER. Can you imagine the JQ without it? Our homing beacon could be demolished by BT at any time and we think it would make a great viewing platform and tourist attraction.

2. POST OFFICE. This is the lifeblood of the dozens of small businesses, in particular the jewellery business.

3. THE MUSEUMS. Additional security for the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter, the Pen Room, the Coffin Works and the JW Evans Silverworks.

4. OUR PUBS. Need we say more?

5. THE GEORGE & DRAGON. We love it, even if the owners don’t.

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