BCC: Soho & JQ Ward Meeting – Wed 25th Nov

Meet our local Councillors at the Soho & JQ Ward Forum this week (online) on Wed 25th Nov from 6.30 – 8pm. Free to attend, all welcome

1. Welcome
2. Notice of Recording
Chair of the meeting to advise those participating/watching the on-line meeting that a recording of the meeting will be available for future record.
3. Covid 19 Update
Mary Orhewere, Assistant Director of Public Health, will attend and provide the latest update
4. Waste Management Update
Councillor John O’Shea, Cabinet Member for Street Scene & Parks and Darren Share, Assistant Director Street Scene, will be joining the meeting
5. Ward Plan
6. Councillors Update

Link to join the meeting on Microsoft Teams Live – https://teams.microsoft.com/l/meetup- join/19%3ameeting_YzM5N2Y2YzktMWM1OC00ZDhjLWI0ZTYtNWM2NzYwMDMxM2Mw%40thread.v2/0?context=%7b%22Tid%22%3a%22699ace67- d2e4-4bcd-b303-d2bbe2b9bbf1%22%2c%22Oid%22%3a%22057a6077-ff63-4854-81e8- c14d4ea21e6f%22%2c%22IsBroadcastMeeting%22%3atrue%7d

Contact: Kay Thomas, Community Governance Manager, E-mail: kay.thomas@birmingham.gov.uk