A Litter-Strewn Welcome to the JQ

A Litter-Strewn Welcome to the JQ



This is a view at a key entry point to the Quarter.  Not exactly glamorous in itself but worsened by the rubbish drifting down the street.

Litter is a problem that isn’t restricted to the Jewellery Quarter but we seem to have some hotspots.  The approaches to some nightspots fill with bottles and cans on a Friday and Saturday night as revellers have a livener or two before arriving, and the area around Tesco Express near the clock is always bad, but why?

The obvious answer is people don’t care but it must also be convenience.  An unscientific survey of the Quarter reveals that apart from the main jewellery areas of Vyse St/Warstone Lane and St Paul’s Square there is a dearth of litter bins.  The main walking routes of Frederick St/Sandpits/Summer Row and Newhall St have few bins so it’s no great surprise that stuff gets dropped on the floor.  It doesn’t excuse it but it happens.

We have seen litter pickers in the JQ but how about more bins?  We will raise this with Birmingham City Council so let us know where the problem areas are.

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