IF THE JQ DID FAMILY HOUSING… this is your chance to shape the JQ, help needed now.

This is a call to arms (a little dramatic, but bear with…).  You, we, the JQ residents have a chance here and now to spend a small amount of time commenting on how you would like to see a little corner of the JQ turned into family housing.  Or maybe you think it shouldn’t be family housing?  Either way, you can have your say.

Why?  Well this isn’t a council-led thing, or a developer-led consultation.  It’s a community-led project that can lead to greater things.  The JQNF as a voice for the residents secured the funding to allow this exploration to happen, to design your neighbourhood, and your comments will give it impetus.  From architectural style to number of bedrooms, or parking spaces to noisy neighbours, a brainstorm from us as residents will help turn a plot into a feasible development.

So have a go – click on this link to MADE’s Stickyworld site OR pop in to MADE* in Newhall Square (behind the Queens Arms/Travelodge) until Friday 9-5pm and let them have your thoughts.

* Give them a bell first on 0121 348 7980 first and click here for further details.

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