Fancy getting involved in the future of the Jewellery Quarter?

The Jewellery Quarter is entering an exciting phase and you can play a part in it.

The Localism Act of Parliament (stay with us) gives communities the power to set the rules for planning & development in their area by creating a NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN.  It means that old rules can be shaken up, new rules can be invented and the future of an area can be shaped by those who live and work there.

The Jewellery Quarter isn’t a typical part of the city centre, but it has lots of offices. It’s not just a creative district, although it is teeming with designers and architects. Over 5000 people live here, but it’s not just a residential area. It’s a leisure destination with hotels, bars and restaurants; and a tourist destination with museums and galleries and it’s bursting at the seams with history. And it has lots and lots and LOTS of jewellery shops and factories.

We think the Jewellery Quarter needs a Neighbourhood Plan that is designed by all of these people and not just one group.  That’s why the JQNF is a founding member of the Jewellery Quarter Development Trust (JQDT).

This is where you come in.  To get a Neighbourhood Plan the government needs the JQ to have a ‘Neighbourhood Planning Forum’ (not to be confused with us!) of at least 21 people including a local councillor, some who work in the area and some who live in the area. This is being led by the JQDT and the Neighbourhood Planning Forum will steer the Neighbourhood Plan, looking at all aspects of the Quarter.

So, fancy joining in?

Don’t worry – someone else will be doing all the writing and manage the paperwork, but we need some decision makers to help paint the picture of what we – the whole community – wants. When it is done, the Jewellery Quarter community will vote on it and if the vote is yes, the Council will adopt it.

Involvement isn’t too intensive – it will typically involve a few hours a month and the process to draft a Neighbourhood Plan will take around a year.  So if you are interested and willing to commit a bit of your time to change the JQ move it on from being “up and coming” please register your interest before Friday 22nd November.

Contact Mike Mounfield on 0121 233 2814 or email

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