Minutes of Open Meeting (from 17th July)

Thank you to everyone who attending the JQNF Open Meeting and AGM back in July.

Apologies this round up is coming through so late after the meeting, but I wasn’t able to get it out before going on my summer holidays.

Here is a link to the minutes of the meeting: JQNF AGM minutes 17 July 2017 (thanks to Sarah for doing these), and below is a quick list of the various links promised at the meeting.

For those who volunteered to be part of the Management Committee or expressed an interest in being part of the Adopt a Canal scheme will be emailed about these. However, the JQNF Management Committee Meeting will be on Wed 6th Sep (7 – 8.30pm). The volunteering session on the Canal will be on Sat 14 Oct (12.30 – 4pm (postponed from the original date of Sun 10th Sep). If you did not register an interest at the meeting but would like to be involved, email: twildish [at] gmail.com 

Information about the next JQNF Open Meeting will be published soon 

List of links: – JQ Bid prospectus WM NOW Next Door Streetlink Parking Consultation (now closed, but background info still on the page) – JQ Police Team contact: tel: 101 – Ext 862 6000 or email jewelleryquarter@west-midlands.pnn.police.uk (emergencies: 999) – Seagulls: Kenyon Forge in Kenyon Street use: ecolab.com (contact: Franco Zafiratos Pest Elimination). They have a hawk which regularly flies around the building so seagulls don’t nest there. This might be a useful contact for other land owners / managing agents. Email us if you would like a contact email.

We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Many Thanks

Thomas Wildish – JQNF

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