Who Lives in a House Like This? It’s over to you…

The Jewellery Quarter is a housing estate.  Well, it was when it was first developed, but then shiny precious things started to be made in the yards of those houses and Hockley changed forever.  It’s over 100 years since new houses were built in the Jewellery Quarter.  Now we have a few being built behind Heritage Court and a few conversions back into housing on Warstone Lane and Albion St and there is demand for more.

Monday 18th March saw the unveiling of the latest step in the family housing project for the Jewellery Quarter.  A well-attended launch together with a JQNF open meeting at MADE had the MADEGrads take us through their work and present their conclusions on how reasonably-priced houses could be built on a council car park on Northwood St, near Sapphire Court.

Their excellent output can be viewed at http://made.stickyworld.com/ – just click on the ‘JQ family housing project’ and add your comments – what you like, dislike and care to add.  Do you like the architecture?  The space?  Would you buy or rent one?

Work is continuing to see how this can be developed and funding attracted and maybe, just maybe, the Jewellery Quarter could give birth to its own housing.

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