Festive Travel Tips from FM

Over the festive period, winter weather conditions coupled with the hustle and bustle of the city mean that we all need to take a little more time and care to avoid the potential pitfalls that the season brings…

Plan and prepare for your journey
Allow plenty of time to reach your destination and prepare for your journey as best you can by checking for travel updates/weather warnings before you set off. In severe weather, consider whether your journey is absolutely necessary.

If you are driving, Birmingham City Council offers advice here over the festive period.

The Twitter hashtag  #wmgrit also has details of all West Midlands councils’ gritting plans.

Details of how to follow the gritter alerts from Birmingham City Council, can be found here:

If you are using the trains, the National Rail Enquiries website will help you plan by giving you regular updates on how services are running.

Out and about
With more people out and about and increased traffic in Birmingham, additional care should be taken to avoid hazards and keep safe.

When crossing roads on foot or on bike, use pedestrian crossings wherever possible and always follow the tried and tested “stop, look and listen” approach – cars can’t stop as quickly on slippery surfaces.

Accidents involving pedestrians or cyclists can sometimes be down to drivers not seeing them, so consider wearing bright or fluorescent clothing or a reflective armband, particularly while the daylight hours are shorter and weather conditions make visibility poorer.

Walking in winter requires lots more care. Even if snow and ice has been cleared or gritted, surfaces can still be slippery. So always try to:

  • Wear shoes or boots that grip the snow and ice; no plastic, leather soles or stilettos!
  • Be vigilant when boarding and leaving buses and trains; use the handles on the vehicle for support.
  • Use designated walkways as much as possible, as they will be prioritised for clearance and gritting during extreme cold weather. Taking shortcuts where snow and ice has not been cleared can be treacherous.

If you have no option but to walk on ice, take mini/shorter steps for stability


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