Birmingham’s Clean Air Zone (CAZ) Set To Launch – June 1st

As the start date for the pollution-busting scheme draws closer, JQNF are advising residents and businesses in the region to be prepared.

With just under a week to go, the large-scale initiative, which will impose charges on vehicles which don’t meet strict criteria, is aimed at improving air quality in the heart of the city.

Note: Exceptions are available for 2 years for residents and businesses in the CAZ.

The CAZ, which has been the subject of a number of delays, has also attracted huge criticism, with previous claims it could hit businesses and low-income residents.

When the announcement came with the rescheduled start date, Councillor Waseem Zaffar, cabinet member for transport and environment, said: “Poor air quality remains a public health risk and a Clean Air Zone provides the city with an effective tool for tackling this issue in the shortest possible time.

“The majority of drivers on Birmingham’s roads will not need to pay the daily charge but if you do then you may be eligible for an exemption or one of the financial incentives.”

Air pollution is linked to almost a thousand deaths each year caused by issues related to poor air quality, action should be taken to protect people’s lives.

Many businesses, employees and residents in the Black Country who rely on access to Birmingham City centre will need to be engaged with the new measures and what steps they need to take now to qualify for any exemptions.

To find out how your businesses or organisation could be affected, visit

The CAZ will cover an area of the city inside the inner ring road (A4540 Middleway) and once up-and-running will mean that the owners of the most polluting vehicles, which account for around a quarter of those on Birmingham’s roads, will need to pay a daily charge to drive into the zone.

Check if you will be charged: Drive in a clean air zone –