Blueorange Theatre: The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden: Poster
The Secret Garden: Poster

Mary Lennox is a troubled, and unloved 10-year-old girl – born in India to selfish, wealthy British parents, who never wanted her.

After being orphaned she is sent to live with her ever-absent uncle at the austere Misselthwaite Manor. As Mary explores the house and grounds she learns of a hidden garden, locked away for over a decade; and hears mysterious crying sounds echoing down the long, hollow corridors of the enormous house.

Frances Hodgson Burnett’s timeless story has enchanted children and adults alike for over a century. It is both a literal and metaphorical journey from the harsh bitterness of the winter into the warmth and beauty of spring and summer. As the spoilt, taciturn and unloved Mary “comes alive” so does the garden.

Tickets: Standard £11. Concessions £9. Family and Group tickets available.

On at the Blueorange Theatre, Great Hampton Street from 5th to 12th August

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