Jewellery Quarter to move to Winson Green (part 2 of 2)

The Jewellery Quarter is to become part of a new Winson Green Ward, represented by 2 Councillors. We’ve outlined the details in a separate post. These proposals are out for public consultation.

The Jewellery Quarter Neighbourhood Forum is minded to object to these proposals, on the grounds that:

  • The Jewellery Quarter and Winson Green are very different communities with differing needs. The JQ is a city-centre community, inextricably linked with the city core, and is it likely we will be poorly served by a 2 member ward that covers an area with such diverse needs
  • We have to ensure our representation on the council can give sufficient focus to the specific needs of the Quarter. Especially given the growth that is expected in the area in the near future; the residential population could reach 10,000 in the next five years or so.
  • The Jewellery Quarter has a distinct identity (physically and as an economic driver within the city) and, irrespective of the proposed boundary change, the opportunity must be taken to embrace ‘Jewellery Quarter’ within the new ward name.

The Jewellery Quarter by itself does not have enough voters to justify its own Councillor. But we feel the boundaries can be re-drawn in a better way, one which better reflects existing communities.

We propose the creation of a Jewellery Quarter and St Mark’s Ward to be represented by 1  Councillor.

  • The area contains what most people think of as the Jewellery Quarter, alongside an area to the north and east of Great Hampton Street: this is arguably part of the historic Jewellery Quarter (and indeed forms part of the proposed Neighbourhood Plan area) and will be come to be seen as such as developments occur.
  • We have also included communities located on the city-side of Sandpits and Summer Hill. These communities already join us as part of the current Ladywood Ward, and the Jewellery Quarter acts as their nearest hub for services and amenities.   

Click here to download a map which outlines our proposal © OpenStreetMap contributors Licence information:

The Jewellery Quarter Neighbourhood Forum would like your comments on:

  1. the implications of the proposed change and concerns arising
  2. our counter-proposal for a Jewellery Quarter and St Mark’s Ward

Please email these

If you agree with our proposals, you can sign our online petition here.  Every signature counts.

Please get any responses to us by Thursday 4th February. We will take your comments into account when drafting our final submission to the Boundary Commission.

We also urge you to comment as an individual to the Boundary Commission. You can access the consultation area here.

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