Jewellery Quarter to move to Winson Green (part 1 of 2)

The Local Government Boundary Commission has made proposals to change the Wards within Birmingham City Council’s administrative area. You may have seen reports in the news about this.  Birmingham Post has a very good primer on the subject.

To summarise the proposals:

Proposed New Ward Map
Proposed New Ward Map taken from a map by Birmingham City Council, found here
  • Birmingham City Council is currently divided into 40 Wards, with 3 Councillors for each Ward, totalling 120 Councillors
  • The proposals mean there will be 77 Wards, each represented by 1 or 2 Councillors, with 101 Councillors in total.
  • Part of the rationale sees each Councillor representing a broadly equal number of voters (c8,000 by 2021)
  • These proposals are out for public consultation, with comments invited by 8th February
  • Final proposals will be published later this year and take effect from May 2018.

What they mean for the JQ:

  • Currently, the Jewellery Quarter is part of Ladywood Ward – to the south – which covers most of the City Centre
  • The proposals see us joining a new Winson Green Ward – to the North East – represented by 2 Councillors

What the Boundary Commission say about the new Winson Green Ward in their report

  • During the consultation on warding arrangements we received four detailed proposals for this part of the city in addition to some localised evidence that commented on particular parts of the city centre. Our two-member Winson Green ward is based on one of the detailed proposals that we received.
  • We consider that this ward uses clear and identifiable boundaries, reflects community identity and provides a good level of electoral equality. However, we would particularly welcome submissions on the name of this ward during the consultation on our draft recommendations.

Further details:

You can access the full proposals from the Local Government Boundary Commission website (under Consultation of Draft Recommendations)

You can respond to the consultation online

Whatever your view of the Boundary Commissions proposals, we urge you to comment as an individual. It’s important our community’s views are heard.

The Jewellery Quarter Neighbourhood Forum has developed a response to these proposals and we are keen to get your comments on them. These will be published in a separate post.

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