A Tale As Old as Time…

This classic fairytale of two completely different people who fall in love in the most unlikely circumstances. There’s ups and there’s downs and there’s definitely love.

Èdouard (Belle’s father) is lost in the woods. As we wonders deeper into the darkness, he comes across what seems to be an abandoned mansion. However, as he takes a look inside that isn’t the case at all. A mysterious ‘Beast’ offers him shelter and a rose. What Èdouard doesn’t know is that accepting it will completely change his life as he knows it.

Will Belle be able to save her father? And if she does who will save her?

Find out in this ripping tale of action and adventure, music and romance. Great fun for the young and the ‘young at heart’!

Beauty And the Beast runs at Blue Orange Theatre from on Thursday 8th, Friday 9th & Saturday 10th at 7pm. There is also a matinee on Saturday 10th at 2.30pm.

For ticket enquires please contact us on 0121 212 2643 or email us on info@blueorangetheatre.co.uk

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