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Did you know that the Jewellery Quarter has its own community market? Well if you didn’t, you do now! The Jewellery Quarter Neighbourhood Forum, as part of its activities, puts on the 24 Carrots market a few times a year.

I should probably go back a step. Hi, I’m Jon, and I’m a Neighbourhood Forum member. I joined a year ago and discovered a great hub of community activity happening right under my nose after 5 years of total ignorance. I’m currently chairing our marketing group and it is this team that puts on (surprise surprise!) the 24 Carrots Market.

Some of you may recall the 24 Carrots Markets from a while back. It was a Farmers Market located outside the Big Peg that happened once a month on a Saturday. The group that ran this handed the mantle over to the JQNF and we have turned it into a community food and crafts market.

We run it in a partnership with St Paul’s. It’s a great, iconic location in the middle of community that acts as a geographical or ideological (or both!) focal point for the quarter. We are extremely grateful to the Vicar who allows us to hold the market in the church grounds, right in the middle of the square. Not only that, she’s a dab hand at a range of arts and crafts. She holds a number of events at the church, including a great film club – honestly, go check it out.

We’ve run three markets now in this style and they’ve been really enjoyable. If you look back over the blog there are some posts telling you about those markets.  We have a really good group of stall holders that we work with to provide great food and great craft products and we’re always looking to work with new ones.

As a team, we split our tasks. Some of us focus on finding new traders and building relationships with our current ones. Some of us do the technical / legal stuff that allows us to run a market in Birmingham city centre. We also have a team who really drive our active marketing. If you’re reading this, make sure you like us on Facebook, or follow us @24_carrots.

Sounds good right? Of course, there is another part of this recipe; arguably the most important part, which is you. We’re doing this because we think it’s a nice idea and we enjoy having a market like this in the area that we live in. Obviously, we’d like you to enjoy it too! The next market is on 24 April 2014. It will run from 4.00pm – 8.00 pm in St Paul’s Square. If you work here, why not pop in on your way home. If you live here, why not do the same! If you would like to know more, tweet us, Facebook us, or email us at

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