City Council consulting on its Neighbourhood Strategy for Birmingham

The City Council invite you to take part in one of a series of dialogue events taking place across the city.  The purpose is to engage with local residents, local voluntary & community and public sector organisations and capture their experience of what’s worked, ideas, views on helping shape a neighbourhood strategy for Birmingham. The conversation will be centred around four areas:

  • What can the council still do at a neighbourhood level in view of much more limited resources? Is it feasible and helpful to work at a neighbourhood level given the constraints on resources/
  • What should and can be maintained from previous ways of neighbourhood working and what needs to change?
  • How can the council attract new or release untapped resources?
  • How can the council, other public services, the private sector and local communities work together best to maximise the benefits for all Birmingham’s citizens?

Newtown Community Centre will be hosting the dialogue on behalf of the Ladywood District (the JQ is in the Ladywood District) – on Thursday 22nd August 12.00 – 3.30 pm.

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