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Hi there! My name is Vicky and I live in the Jewellery Quarter. I thought it was about time I get off my derriere and write a blog, as I’m a member of the JQNF and have been meaning to do it for ages!

I’m based near the Clock tower, which is like living near the centre of a small village. I have lived in 3 different areas of Birmingham City Centre, and this is definitely my favourite place to be. Within a couple of minutes I can get any bits and pieces I need from the shops, grab a beer or a cocktail at a local bar or (if I’m feeling too lazy to cook) a lovely lunch/evening meal at any number of resturants/gastropubs.

When I first moved in to the centre of the Quarter, I thought it would be a quiet place to be and I would end up spending all my time in the City Centre; I have been proved so wrong! From Street markets to the St Paul’s film club, there is never a dull moment.

The key to living an eventful life in the area is keeping your finger on the pulse of local events. It can be irritating to find out something great has happened in the area and you have missed out… let me give you a few little tips on  how to keep a track of stuff that’s happening… well, firstly of course is this site! The JQNF! We try our hardest to be a one stop shop of information for the JQ. The Twitter feed is always buzzing with cool stuff that’s going on locally – so it’s worth subscribing. Remember, if you find something that takes your fancy – retweet!

Secondly, there is a wealth of arts based events in Birmingham… I tend to check regularly. You might not know this, but Soho House (the home of Matthew Boulton), is a stone’s throw away (about 20 minute walk) from the Quarter and where the Lunar Society used to meet! There is also the JQ Museum slap in the middle of the area, which is well worth a visit.

The Development Trust have their pulse on events too! Make sure you bookmark and check out “what’s on” regularly.

If you’re part of the Twitterati, ensure you follow the comprehensive updates from MyJQ ( The contents cover everything from events to security updates!

The JQ is changing constantly, and it’s always good to get the resident’s views in the mix. Working with the Neighbourhood Forum and attending events, I have been asked my thoughts and feelings on numerous different development projects in the Quarter.

If you haven’t been out in the Quarter before or are nervous about going out on your own; get involved! Everyone I’ve ever met in the area has always been interesting, friendly and had a lot to say. You never know who you might meet round the corner – so don’t stay in!

Finally – if you are kicking about and fancy a fun day out at the beach (Weston Super Mare) with your neighbours, join our lovely Seaside trip on 27th July! A place on the coach is a bargainous £12.50 and there will be fun, food and drinks galore! Contact for your place.

Vicky O.

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