Who Cares For the Jewellery Quarter?

Legge Lane Dereliction

Well, we do for a start.  But it appears that some of its owners don’t.

Empty buildings are the curse of the JQ and dilapidated ones are the boil on the witch’s nose.  The Legge Lane area is probably the most blighted part of the JQ and some its landowners don’t seem to be bothered.  Not only is this building photographed recently in Legge Lane slowly rotting, it is now unsecured.  This means that residents (and businesses and visitors) will feel even more wary of walking around this area.  How long before the building is vandalised more, is used as a drug den, cannabis farm or mysteriously burns to the ground?  It happened at the George & Dragon, it happened on Sloane St and Legge Lane and will continue to happen until owners secure their property and actively bring it back into use, and Birmingham City Council enforces the obligations upon owners of listed and conservation area buildings.

Are there any dereliction hotspots near you?  Do you know who the owners are?  Let us know and we can raise it with the JQDT and City Council.

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