Ordinary people in an extraordinary place

I’ve been meaning to update you all about recent happenings with a the JQ Neighbourhood Forum committee; in particular I’d like to break with tradition this year and tell you a bit about the people who have (sometimes tentatively) put themselves forward to help run the JQNF.  These people are not super-heroes, they are not egotistical giants (well, most of them anyway) – they are ordinary residents of this extraordinary place that we call the Jewellery Quarter.  They want to help  provide you, their fellow residents, with a voice and help shape this place into the world-class quarter of a world-class city that it ought to be.  It’s going to be a long slog, many will fall by the wayside as time and priorities of everyday life get in the way, only to be replaced by others with a dash of enthusiasm and a willingness to give the odd hour or two.  They are almost obsessive about how to tap into what JQ residents really want and how to use our influence on the Jewellery Quarter Development Trust and Business Improvement District to get it.  Anyway, that’s all for a future post.  For now I wanted to draw attention to just one of our new committee volunteers, Vicky, and the blog she’s just started.  You can find it here.  Enjoy.

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