Have Your Say… Family Housing in the JQ

Towards the end of 2012, the JQNF secured a grant from urban design watchdog CABE to help develop proposals for family housing in the quarter.  That grant is being spent here in the JQ at MADE on Newhall Square, our local urban design organisation.

It ties in neatly with the results from last year’s open meeting at St Paul’s Church where residents got together and identified what we liked and disliked about JQ life.  Family housing was a clear desire – residents don’t want to leave the JQ if they want to start a family.  With the opening of Perry Beeches II Free School here, why would they?

The nice people at MADE have come up with proposals which were presented at the 24 Carrots Christmas Market and are also up for discussion at the next open meeting at MADE on Monday 21st January.  See http://www.made.org.uk/areasofwork/Communities/projects/family_housing_project for more information.

You can also view and comment on their thoughts at http://made.stickyworld.com/ and see the site identified, currently a car park where Livery St meets Northwood St.

There’s lots going on with regard to housing at the minute so join in and keep paying http://localhost:8888/jqnf/ a visit!

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