And relax…

Well, it’s the time of year when the Jewellery Quarter’s shops, pubs, bars and restaurants are heaving and the merriment continues through the weekend.

The Jewellery Quarter then falls quiet as residents head off to spend Christmas with their families around the country. Before you go, although crime is low in the JQ be sure to check that your windows are locked and if possible put some lamps on timers. Also check the post is collected, the plants are watered, the Christmas lights are off, the stinky cheese in the fridge is eaten, and there is no risk of any pipes freezing etc.and we’ll see you when you get back.

And don’t forget to take your pressies!

For those of us that are staying, St Paul’s is doing midnight mass at 11.30pm on Christmas Eve and have a Christmas Day service at 10am, check for more details.

Enjoy the pleasures of a quiet JQ, get your feet up and have a very Happy Christmas.

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