Concerns over the quality of footways and positioning of dropped kerbs around the JQ

We have arranged a meeting with Amey to address some concerns over the quality of footways and positioning of dropped kerbs around the JQ.

A number of ‘hotspots’ have been identified that, in particular, pose problems for wheelchair users.   Some problems are caused by design and others appear to be exacerbated by parking.

There is a distinct lack of logical dropped kerbs at the top of Newhall Street, outside the Baker & Finnemore building.  Those that cannot step down the kerb must walk along the road into oncoming traffic.  We have also noted that St Paul’s Square seems to suffer from unaligned dropped kerbs and poorly-maintained pavements.

Another challenging area for wheelchair users and ‘pushchair pushers’ is along Warstone Lane opposite Warstone Parade East.  We have had reports that during working hours there can be little space between the cars parked in front of the buildings and the road itself.  The footway has several sections of stone setts with steep cross-gradients.  One powered wheelchair user (who boasts skills that even Jenson Button envies) claims that the footway’s width and cross-gradient is such that if she tried to squeeze through there is a real risk of tipping sideways into the road.  The ‘safest’ option for her is to travel in the road.

If you have any similar experiences with footways or dropped kerbs and can identify other streets which we should discuss with Amey, please let us know.

JQ Pavement


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