‘Automatic People’ at the RBSA Gallery’s Craft Gallery

Engineering meets contemporary fine craft in an exhibition that promises to be full of character. ‘Automatic People’ features the very best in contemporary metalwork and automata, alongside inspired kinetic sculptures and jewellery. Featured artists explore folk art, fairytales and whimsical observations of everyday life, demonstrating inventive techniques and quirky narratives. The exhibition continues until Friday 26 October. Admission free. Prices start at £5.

For more details, visit our website: http://www.rbsa.org.uk/whats-on/exhibitions/automatic-people/

Alix Swan-Hansel and Gretel music box
John Moore- earrings
Lindsey Man-Brooch - Taunton to Sidmouth
Samantha Bryan-Fog light fairy
Stephanie Hamer-Acrylic ring

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