On Monday 16th April at 10am Fellows are holding an eclectic auction of Vintage & Modern Wrist Watches promising a number of interesting items from Omega and Breitling, and an exceptional piece from Rolex – a Royal Navy issue Submariner.

This ‘MilSub’, as it is affectionately known, is highly appreciated by collectors due both to its rarity and its status as the perfect example of a ‘tool watch’ – a watch primarily designed for a particular purpose or activity rather than as jewellery.

With a number of features that distinguish it from the standard civilian Submariner, the MilSub is fitted with a rugged nylon, or ‘NATO’, strap threaded through solid bars that are fixed into the lugs. This method of fitting is safer than a normal strap or bracelet, where there is the danger of losing the watch should one spring bar fail.

Showing no signs of modern intervention, this 5513 model is in at Lot 238, and has an estimate of £25,000 – £30,000.

Our Omega section includes an original Seamaster Professional (Lot 141, estimated at £2,500 – £3,500), or ‘PloProf’, diving watch. On its release in the 1970s, this watch snubbed convention by contrasting the understated, smooth lines of the Rolex Submariner – then champion of the emerging diving market – with its innovative features and unconventional, even brutal, appearance.

In 2009 Omega decided to revive this iconic piece with the release of the PloProf 1200, which has various technical alterations but keeps the same characteristic aesthetic. This sale features both the reissue (Lot 120, estimated at £2,400 – £3,400) and the original, providing collectors with a rare opportunity to compare pioneering design alongside its contemporary reinterpretation.

Breitling fans will also be pleased to find examples of vintage and modern watches with the inclusion of a 1965 Navitimer Cosmonaute (Lot 20, estimated at £1,800 – £2,200) and a 2003 Emergency Mission (Lot 15, estimate £1,500 – £2,000).

The Cosmonaute is distinguished by its 24hr dial and slide rule bezel, used to assist calculations involving speed, time, distance, and other normal flight and navigation variables. Contrary to popular misconception, the Navitimer was the first chronograph in space, and although this Cosmonaute is a variation of that famed 1962 version, it remains an important part of the Navitimer’s legacy.

The Breitling Emergency is an instrument watch with a built-in micro transmitter that, once activated, broadcasts on the emergency aircraft frequency allowing rescuers to locate one’s position following a crash or forced landing. Although the standard Emergency is intended for aeronautical use, the Mission variety returns to a more traditional chronograph design, affirming its character as a civilian adaptation of the original. However, beneath its tamer appearance, it remains a formidable instrument.

With over 250 other similarly collectable pieces, these watches will be offered at Fellows Vintage & Modern Wrist Watches auction on Monday 16th April and at 10am.

Click here to view the catalogue: http://bit.ly/Hsvmn0

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