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It seems many of us may have rushed to judgement over Amey’s performance over installing lines, signs and parking meters in the JQ as part of the new controlled parking arrangements.  Oh, yes there were huge delays and poor workmanship on site – there still are many poorly re-instated holes where previous signposts used to be (something the JQNF will be seeking to have remedied).  But the ‘culprit’ wasn’t the PFI arm of one of the biggest contractors in Europe, but the Council’s own Transportation Projects team and their contractor for this particular project, Fitzgerald Contracts.  The only road markings Amey have put down have been as part of re-instatements after their re-surfacing schemes.  “New lines? Not us guv” as an Amey spokesperson might say (but hasn’t – well not like that anyway).

In replying to complaints by local creative boss Brian Homer, via Councillor Carl Rice, BCC  Highways & Resilience Director John Blakemore said: “I have expressed my concerns to Transportation Projects about how the works have been carried out and I am disappointed that the scheme has taken so long to complete to a standard appropriate for our Civil Parking Enforcement to be able to commence.”

On a related issue, did you know that the colour of the parking meters tells you the maximum time you can park?  Grey meters mean two hours maximum stay and green machines mean four hours.  Not all the machines have been painted yet, or been plated as ‘Jewellery Quarter’ since their re-use from other locations.  So look out for a certain amount of sprucing up of the parking meters soon.


Also see Birmingham City Council Transportation Strategy Reviews – Ladywood.

Image courtesy GreenSafe Ltd / TRL Ltd

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