BeBirmingham Summit – Prof praises Jewellery Quarter …

BeBirmingham is the City partnership body that’s trying to create a joined up vision for Brum. At its conference on November 16th it was good to hear the JQ cited as a place where, in tough times, entrepreneurs and residents are out there trying to build global business.

Prof. Mark Hart – an expert on growth strategies –made the point that the Quarter has a unique blend of people, skills and manufacturing tradition that can still earn a living for Brum.

Phil Davis, who represented the Forum at the summit, said:

“This view made more sense than the grandiose aims announced by the Local Economic Partnership (LEP). It should stop pretending it can replace the old Regional Development Agency and back local activity in areas like the JQ. Residents know about the JQ’s strengths already of course, but it’s good to have it backed by an independent voice”.

City/Government etc PLEASE TAKE NOTE!

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